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The-Best-Medical-Search-Engine.org has been created by a doctor, Dr Jean Gabriel Jeannot. In parallel with his clinical activity, Dr Jeannot manage research centered on the use of the internet for medicine and health questions. He is a member of the French-speaking association of doctors, creators of medical web sites, the MMT.

The medical information provided by The-Best-Medical-Search-Engine.org is intended to encourage and to not replace, the existing relationships between patients and health professionals.

The content of The-Best-Medical-Search-Engine.org can be divided into two distinct parts:

The first part is made up of the Google search engine which is on the home page of the site. This version of Google is in fact a version adapted to medicine. It uses the power of Google prioritizing high quality medical sites. This search engine can be equally used by patients and by health care professionals, the searches can be made using French or English keywords.

The second part consists of the rest of the site. Its purpose is to present the possibilities offered by Google for medical searches.

The-Best-Medical-Search-Engine.org will continue to improve. Please do not hesitate to write to use to tell us your critiques, remarks and suggestions.

We are convinced that the use of the internet in medicine can be equally useful for both health care professionals and the general public with the aim of improving the quality of health care.


Dr JG Jeannot, www.medplus.ch

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