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Google is also a fantastic search tool for medical images. But if you use Google in a traditional way, you risk being deceived! If you search for a photograph of a kidney and you enter the words "photograph" and "kidney", you will only find pages which contain the words "photograph" and "kidney", but no photograph of a kidney!

Google has thought of everything: there is a special function on Google for the search for images. If you enter the word "kidney" you will find photographs of kidneys.

If you have no luck with Google, there are other possibilities:

The HON site of the foundation Health on The Net, offers a search function for photographs with a collection of more than 6,800 medical illustrations and videos. This data base has been created manually by HOM and new medical illustrations are being continually added. HON encourages users to submit their own illustrations at the section Add a photograph.

For other possibilities the page Medical Images and Illustrations of the Institut Karolinska (Swedish national medical information center) gives access to various medical photograph sites. A photograph can be searched for either by using one of the links offered in the heading "general" or by choosing a site according to given specialty (cardiovascular system, endocrinology, gynecology, etc.).

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